O'ZJIHOZBUTLASH LLC is the successor of one of the oldest enterprises of Uzbekistan, Uzkomplektoborudovaniye founded as far back as 1967.
Many years work experience, reliability, dynamic development allows O'ZJIHOZBUTLASH to be even today among the leaders in the Uzbekistan market.
One of the new fields of business of O'ZJIHOZBUTLASH is production of primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry:
- rubber pharmaceutical bungs;
- aluminium flip-off cap seals for capping medicaments;
- saleable rubber compounds for pharmaceutical purpose.
The products conforms to the highest requirements set by the current pharmacopoeia of Russian Federation, EU, USA. This is ensured by application in the production of:
- clean room technology,
- global quality systems.
- production resources planning,
- ISO certification,
- environment-friendly production,
- ‘green technologies’.
In the own laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art control and measuring equipment, product quality monitoring is provided in all stages of production. Also, elastomeric formulas are developed in our laboratories based on the latest developments of the world leaders n rubbed production, LANXESS INTERNATIONAL and EXXON MOBIL.
Our achievements is the result of many years of work of the whole staff that works as one team and includes trained and highly skilled specialists. We value our reputation and contribute many efforts for study of market demands, expansion of product range, raising the product quality, competitiveness and safety.
Our unconditional advantages are high professionalism, high quality of performed works, prompt timing and best value for money.
We can build our relationships on mutually beneficial conditions for achieving the set goals in the business and satisfying the market demands.
We invite you to cooperation with a reliable partner.
Please become acquainted with the catalogue of our company.