Medical rubber stoppers

  • Medical rubber stoppers are made from rubber mixtures based on bromobutyl synthetic rubber of medical brands, respectively, the products are characterized by excellent sanitary and chemical indicators and high stability during storage;
  • The use of brombutyl synthetic rubber of medical brands with low gas permeability guarantees a long shelf life of the sealed product without changing its properties;
  • Technological additives and vulcanizing agents are selected in such a way as to ensure ease of piercing during use, high elasticity and excellent lockability;
  • The composition of the rubber compound provides the minimum possible fragmentation when piercing the stopper with needles, which guarantees the safety of the person when administering the drug;
  • Bromobutyl rubber stoppers are highly heat resistant and can withstand repeated sterilization without changing their properties;
  • The products meet all the requirements of the American (United States Pharmacopoeia, USP) and European Pharmacopoeia (European Pharmacopoeia, Ph. Eur.), as well as the requirements of international (International Standard Organization, ISO) and national standards.